Carl Helmuth – A Biblical View of Our Present Day

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Sermon Notes

Who/what caused this?
God is sovereign and He did send the coronavirus
1. All scriptures (except one) that speak of pestilence, state explicitly that God caused it
2. God claims that He is the One who brings calamity
3. God is in control of our life, health and death
4. God is sovereign and is in complete control
Why is this happening?
Five Reasons Why God Would Bring About The Coronavirus
1. To bring glory to Himself
2. To accomplish His eternal purposes
3. To cause men to fear Him
4. As a judgement on sin
5. To purify His Church
What is our response?
– Repent for sin and seek mercy
– Humbly petition the Lord in prayer (with thanksgiving)
– Use this time to grow in your faith
– Use this time to love and serve each other
– Offer hope to a hopeless world (with the gospel message)
– Trust in a SOVEREIGN GOD who loves you