Carl Helmuth – The Whole Counsel of God – Exodus 20 – The Law Through the Eyes of the New Covenant 2

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Sermon Notes

Exodus 20 – The Law Through the Eyes of the New Covenant 2

What is our relationship with “The Law”

1. The term “law” is used in many different ways in the New Testament.
– the Ten Commandments
– the covenant of the law (old covenant)
– the first five books of the OT (Pentateuch)
– all of scripture (Psalm 1:2; Ps. 119:97; James 1:25)
– any demand by God for His creation
– a principle or power at work
– (Rom. 7:23; Rom. 8:2)
2. “The Law” is summed up by love.
– God gave the law because He loved them.
– Love fulfills the law.
– (Matt. 22:37-40; Mark 12:29-31; Luke 10:27-28; Rom. 13:8-10; Gal. 5:14)
– The law teaches us what love is.
– Love is law.
– Love does not save us.
– Love is a fruit/result of being saved.
– We love because He first loved us.
3. A distinction must always be made between LAW and GOSPEL.
– ‘Covenant of LAW’ vs. ‘Covenant of GRACE’.
– LAW is what we do.
GOSPEL is what God does.
– The GOSPEL saves us.
The LAW, we obey because we are saved.
– The GOSPEL makes so no one can boast.
– because God alone is glorified in it.
– We will always drift toward the LAW.
4. Being “free from the Law”, does not mean we are free from obeying God.
– We are free from the curse of the Law.
– We are now FREE TO OBEY.
– We are free because we have the inner
“law” of the Spirit.
– Our motive for obedience is love for God and gratitude for what He has done.
– Obedience is an evidence of salvation.
5. Additional purposes for the Law
  1. All men will be judged by the Law.
  2. The Law is for unbelievers.
  3. The Law awakens a desire to sin.
  4. The Law put us to death.
A death we died vicariously in Christ; which in turn frees us from the covenant of the Law.