Member Resources

Summer Reading Challenge

Complete either challenge by August 12th to participate in a group celebration on August 18th
(Breakfast at Der Dutchman Resteraunt)

Psalms Challenge

Read through all 150 chapters of the Psalms
For each Psalm fill in the blanks on this form

Promises Challenge

Read through all 143 chapters of Romans through Revelation 3
With each chapter, find any statement that is a promise from God, and underline it or color it in your Bible or write it on a separate sheet of paper


Expense Reimbursement

Simply fill out the form below and attach receipts for the expenses to be reimbursed.
Completed forms may be given to Kevin, Melissa, or Robert, or mailed to the church.
If you are requesting reimbursement for a budget category that your are not directly responsible for, please gain approval from the budget category owner, prior to making the expenditure.