Carl Helmuth – The Goodness of God

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Sermon Notes

The Goodness of God
He has given us life – real life
– eternal life
– eternal life serving with Christ
– life with every blessing in the heavenlies
– life with an eternal purpose of glorifying and enjoying God forever
He sovereignly controls all things
– He is involved in every tiny aspect of His creation and watches over it
– He feeds and cares for even His smallest creatures
– He has committed His highest love for His Son and those He redeemed
He knows everything there is to know about us
– He knows our thoughts and our next word even before it is spoken
– He has set the number of our days
– He will not allow us to die one minute before we have fulfilled His purpose for us here
– He has purchased us with His own blood
His provision is superior to our efforts
– He knows what we need better than we do
– He knows His purpose for us
– His providence is constant around us
– His ways are inscrutable
– He has promised to work all things for our good and for His glory
He is our Father who has chosen to adopt us
– He has called us out of the darkness that the whole world is in
– He has rescued us from their empty pursuits
– He has called us to a higher purpose and promised to provide our temporal needs
– He has promised to withhold no good thing
He is our Father who has given us a kingdom
– He has given all power and authority and dominion to His Son, the King
– He has made us coheirs with Christ
– He has given each of us a heavenly account where we can lay treasures even now
– Suffering for Him here is treasure above