Carl Helmuth – The Whole Counsel of God – Exodus 4 Signs and Wonders Affirm Moses (Part 4)

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Sermon Notes

Exodus 4 Signs and Wonders Affirm Moses
6 Reasons We Should Not Obsess Over Miracles, Signs & Wonders Today
5. We have something better.
Today, God uses something much more powerful than miracles, signs and wonders, to produce saving faith in His people.
Today, He uses… WORDS
– Words that come from God.
– Words that can open spiritual eyes so that we can see…the mysteries and the wonders of His glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.
– God’s words, unlike signs and wonders, have the power to create the miracle of a true faith.
6. It takes our joy and focus away from the miracle that we should obsess over…
The miracle that God would die for His creation.
The miracle that, because of that, we can…
…be reconciled to God.
…be regenerated by the Spirit.
…participate in the divine nature.
…live eternally.
…live eternally with God and be His people.