Carl Helmuth – The Whole Counsel of God – Exodus 4 Understanding The God Of The OT (Part 1)

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Sermon Notes

Exodus 4 Understanding The God Of The OT
Exodus 4:18-31
“I will harden his heart so that he will not let the people go”
“I told you to let My son go”
“since you have refused to let him go, behold, I will kill your firstborn son!”
First, there are several clear scriptural truths that can help us to better understand the God of the OT.
Second, when we really understand Him, we will love Him more than ever, and want to serve Him more than ever.
1. There is a chasm between God’s wisdom and our wisdom, that is bridged only by scripture.
– Which means, there is a chasm between our judgement and God’s judgement.
– We cannot “judge” God from “our side of the chasm”.
– Scripture must interpret scripture.
2. There is a chasm between God’s wisdom and man’s wisdom, that cannot be bridged by an unbeliever.
– As believers, we cannot expect unbelievers to understand God and His ways.
– As believers, we should present the gospel and pray for an unbeliever. This is the bridge.
– As believers, we must not let our confidence in God and His word be shaken by what unbelievers think or say about Him.
– As believers, we are incredibly blessed!!
– The Lord has chosen to grant us eyes to see and ears to hear!
3. A true believer has been given a faith that knows that GOD IS JUST.
– This is part of the “faith package”.
– Faith is the entrusting of ourselves into the hands of a just judge.
– Faith places the creature in complete submission to the will of the Creator.