Carl Helmuth – The Whole Counsel of God – Exodus 7 The First Plague

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Sermon Notes

Exodus 7 The First Plague
Exodus 7:8-25
Four Reasons Why God Chose To Turn The Nile Into Blood
1. For retribution for the Israelite infants thrown into the Nile.
– God is a just God and will someday bring all evil to justice.
– God’s people can trust him with vengeance, so we can focus on showing mercy.
– God’s people are one people for all eternity.
2. To expose the gods of Egypt and bring judgement upon them.
– God has a way of exposing and bringing to nothing the “gods” we trust in as well.
3. To foreshadow a plague yet to come.
4. To show His own people that the LORD is fighting for them.