Carl Helmuth – Christmas Sermon – Why Did Jesus Come

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Sermon Notes

Christmas Sermon – Why Did Jesus Come
Why Did Jesus Say That He Came?
Nine Reasons Jesus Gave for His Coming
1. To Fulfill the Law and Prophets
– To complete them or satisfy their conditions
– To keep the Old Covenant and finish it
2. To Preach the Good News of the Kingdom
– He was the Living Word that came from God
– God speaks things into being through His words
3. To Bring a Sword (Division)
– To preach a message that will divide people
– To distinguish between the two seeds
4. To Seek and Save the (really) Lost
– To seek out those who are not seeking Him
– To save those whom the world sees as unsavable
5. To Judge (Divide) the World and Give Sight to Some, and Blindness to Others
– To hide truth from the proud and self-trusting
– To reveal truth to the humble and child-like
6. To Humbly Serve Others And Give Himself as a Ransom for Many
– The nature of the Kingdom is upside-down
– The rulers self-sacrificially serve their people
7. To Give Eternal Life and Abundant Life
– To give His sheep a great quality of life
– To give His sheep unending, everlasting life
8. To Bring Truth to the Earth and Identify Those Who Belong to the Truth
– The language of the Kingdom is truth
– The people of the Kingdom listen to truth
9. To Glorify the Father by Dying on the Cross
– To shed His blood as a sacrifice for many
– To glorify His Father with His death on the cross