Carl Helmuth – New Years Sermon – Fear

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Sermon Notes

New Years Sermon – Fear
A Focus on FEAR
– Is our situation(s) today like the one we read?
– Is our fear as evil as the fear of the Israelites?
– Is all fear sin?
– Why does some fear offend God so much?
– Why does fear divide people?
– What does the Bible really teach about fear?- How can we defeat fear that offends God?
1. To see our fear from God’s perspective.
2. To know what God has done for us and given to us, so that we need not be controlled by fear.
3. To have a disciplined and sound mind that can think truthfully about fear.
Defining Sinful Fear:
– This is not directly about worry or anxiety.
– The Bible speaks both compassionately and rebukingly about fear.
– Not all fear is sin.
   – fear of God
   – appropriate concern and precautions
   – respect for danger
– The powerful and often habitual focus on a perceived danger or loss that causes us to:
   – disobey God’s will for us.
   – not truly worship God as God.
   – not love Him properly or others.
Why is obeying our fear so evil?
Why does God hate it so much?
– Fear is sin rooted in the human heart.
– Fear is unbelief.
– Fear is not trusting the God who redeemed me.
– Fear is open rebellion against God.
– Fear is attributing to God, characteristics that are not in His nature.
– Fear is the belief that I could be a better god than the true God.