Carl Helmuth – New Years Sermon – Fear (Part 2)

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Sermon Notes

New Years Sermon – Fear (Part 2)
Comparing the Red Sea crossing To the Jordan River crossing
Red Sea
Came after 400 years of slavery.
Led them into the wilderness.
Took place 3 days after the Passover.
Pillar of Cloud went behind them.
They were commanded to stand still.
The water opened and then they went.
Was a defensive maneuver.
Their enemies were behind them.
It saved them from their enemies.
They were afraid of their enemies.
They left dead Egyptians on the bottom.
They left their enemies behind.
Were very afraid.
Jordan River
Came after 40 years of judgement.
Led them into the Promised Land.
Took place 4 days before the Passover.
The Ark went before them.
They were commanded to step in.
They went and then the water opened.
Was an offensive maneuver.
Their enemies were before them.
It enabled them to conquer their enemies.
Their enemies were afraid of them.
They left 12 stones on the bottom.
They left themselves behind.
Were strong and courageous.
God’s solution for fear is…
… not a fix, a system, a technique, a plan to follow
… to kill it (to crucify it)
… by faith (to reckon that God’s truth is true)
… daily
… by losing all that is “mine”
… by taking hold of all that is His