Carl Helmuth – New Years Sermon – Fear (Part 3)

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Sermon Notes

New Years Sermon – Fear (Part 3)
A Focus on FEAR
The New Man thinks: “I am sent by Christ, who has saved me freely, to fulfill a mission – His mission”
– Fear breeds in those who are on a mission for themselves – that is Old Man thinking.
My mission is to serve the the King of Kings.
My motivation is because He loved me and died for me.
The New Man does not see his trust in God as an event, but as a lifestyle.
– Fear breeds in those who trust in themselves.
Think like a dependent being
Pray like a dependent being
– pray specific prayers
– pray with praise and thanksgiving
– pray for what God has already promised
– pray for greater faith and boldness
Receive God’s word like a dependent being
Obey like a dependent being
Focus on the object of your faith – which is Christ
The New Man sees the Gospel as the pearl of great price for which he will be willing to lose friends.
…for which he will preach a coming judgement.
…for which he is willing even to die.
– Fear breeds in those who live for earthly things, which have far less value.