Carl Helmuth – New Years Sermon – Fear (Part 6)

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Sermon Notes

New Years Sermon – Fear (Part 6)
A Focus on FEAR
GOOD THEOLOGY is the best cure for FEAR
TRUTH is the best cure for FEAR
BELIEVING LIES is the best cause for FEAR
Truths of a Fear-Proof Worldview
Lie #1:
I am alone, unseen, unassisted;
and what I do/say for Christ is meaningless.
Truth #1:
Everything hidden will come into the light,
and those “in Christ” will be vindicated.
Lie #2:
The seen is more powerful than the unseen.
The body is more important than the soul.
The temporary is more valuable than the eternal.
Truth #2:
Those who have a faith-filled fear of God,
that produces obedience…
need fear nothing else.
Lie #3:
I am insignificant to a far-off, invisible God.
Truth #3:
God’s care for you is as a Father who knows how to love perfectly.
Lie #4:
Even if God cares for me, He is not actually able to keep me from harm.
Truth #4:
There is not one tiny corner of creation that is not cared for and controlled by my Father.