Carl Helmuth – The Kingdom of the Beloved Son – The Beatitudes

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Sermon Notes

The Kingdom of the Beloved Son – The Beatitudes
Matthew 3:5-10
“Blessed” describes God Himself.
“Blessed” is for those in the New Covenant.
“Blessed” is in the present tense.
Poor in spirit
“Poor in spirit” means those who recognize their spiritual poverty.
The poor in spirit are forever humbled.
The poor in spirit are blessed.
The poor in spirit are receiving a kingdom.
Meekness is not weakness.
The meek know they have been purchased by Christ.
The meek see their indebtedness to Him.
Therefore, the meek are fully surrendered to Him.
Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness
Hungering is a Spirit-generated appetite.
Hungering causes a deep love for Christ.
Hungering causes a hatred for sin.
Hungering drives a desire to be sanctified.
The merciful have already received mercy.
Mercy is not receiving what we deserve.
Mercifulness and meekness must go hand in hand.
The merciful are vessels through which the mercy of God flows to others.
Pure in Heart
The pure in heart are not only concerned with outward action but with inward motive.