Carl Helmuth – The Kingdom of the Beloved Son – The Last Week

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Sermon Notes

The Kingdom of the Beloved Son – The Last Week (Rejection by Israel)
The Passion Week
Saturday – Jesus arrives at Bethany (stays with Mary, Martha and Lazarus)
Sunday – Crowds come out to see Him
Monday – Triumphal entry
Tuesday – Jesus curses the fig tree and cleanses the temple
Wednesday – Jesus goes back to the temple to teach
Friday – Passover (the Cross)
Saturday – The Sabbath (Feast of Unleavened Bread)
Sunday – The Resurrection (Feast of Firstfruits)
What Do We Learn?
– We see again God’s zeal for His temple (church) to be pure in its worship and obedience.
– We appear in each of these parables:
– We are the tax collectors and prostitutes.
– We are the ones who take over the vineyard because the first tenants didn’t yield its fruit.
– We are those out in the crossroads, both evil and good.-
– We have received great blessing because the Jews rejected Christ, so we can only boast in the Lord!